Astound Your Audience with Thrilling Aerial Performances

September 30th, 2016   live music   ,

Aerial Performances

If you are planning to organise a corporate event and looking for an unusual entertainment, then why not look at aerial performers to really make an impression. It not only has the power to amaze audiences of all ages, but will also leave your audience afraid to blink for the fear of missing something really entertaining as well as scary.

Aerial acts such as trapeze, corde de lisse, aerial hoop and aerial silks are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Whether it is a solo aerial hoop performance or various artists performing using silks, trapeze or nets, aerialists are the perfect choice to capture the attention of your guests and to make them remember it for a lifetime.

Before hiring aerial performers for your event there are a few things you need to consider and check with the venue:

  • What is the height of the ceiling? Whilst you can have aerial performers operating in rooms with a ceiling height of 3m, or perhaps a bit less if you want real impact you need higher than this. The higher the better for obvious reasons. Aerial hoop and short wire trapeze performances are possible with ceilings of around 3m but if you want aerial silk performances you need the drop.
  • Does your venue have any fixing points already in the ceiling and what load have they been approved to take? Many venues don’t have fixing points that are sufficient to suspend aerial performers. But it is totally possible to bring free standing rigging in to most venues instead at a fairly low additional cost.
  • Health and safety. Your act or agent should be able to provide a risk assessment for you and your venue and they will of course need to be adequately insured for public liability.
  • What performance length do you want? Whilst it would be great if they could, aerial performers can’t hang around all night! It’s hard work, particularly if you want a lot of acrobatic skills performed in the air. So a full on show will last 3 to 5 minutes only. But if you are using aerial hoop or trapeze you can have some ambient performance that can continue for 45 minutes or so before a break is required.

Finally if your venue is just not permitting aerial suspension of any kind then pole dancing is a great alternative. Suspend your dancers from the ground rather than the ceiling!

Hopefully these words will help you to raise the entertainment to a whole new level at your corporate event. If you need help organising aerial performers of any kind just let us know.

Keep saying Yes to live entertainment and have a great day.