Book a magician for your next event or get-together

May 31st, 2016   Event Entertainment, magicians  

When you’re hosting a corporate event, seasonal party, wedding reception or any other kind of gathering, your choice of entertainment will be one of the main factors influencing the success of the day or evening. Magicians have long been a popular option for all types of parties and events, and with good reason.

No matter what type of event you’re planning, you want to bring people together and create a buzz. When you have a magician performing tricks and illusions, you’re sure to get everyone talking and laughing as they try to figure out exactly how they managed to pull it off. Magic is a brilliant icebreaker, making this type of entertainment a great choice for gatherings where the groups of guests may not know each other very well.

Magicians can be useful for keeping the momentum going at events such as weddings and awards shows, where there may be long gaps between the different parts of the ceremony. They can move around the tables or mingle with the crowd – you could even keep the entertainment a secret so everyone will be extra surprised and delighted when your magician starts performing.

One of the best things about magicians is that they work in any event venue, no matter how large or small. When space is limited, close-up magicians can perform intriguing sleight-of-hand tricks that will keep everyone guessing. If you have more space and you really want to make an impact, you can book a stage magician for a bigger and more extravagant spectacle. Many of the magicians we work with incorporate dazzling special effects, hilarious comedy routines and even acrobatic tricks into their shows.

At Yes Entertainment we’re dedicated to providing the perfect entertainment solutions for your party or special occasion. Our company was founded and is run by performers, which means we truly understand what it takes to throw a great party. If you want a magician to wow the guests at your next event, we can make it happen by connecting you with the most skilled, professional and entertaining magicians working in London today. From breathtaking acrobatic routines to puzzling table magic to flamboyant onstage illusions, we can provide a magician to suit every event.


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