Top Tips when Booking Live Christmas Party Bands

December 10th, 2018   News  

There aren’t many better ways to create a memorable Christmas party than having live music from a fantastic party band who can energise your guests, getting them up on their feet dancing the night away! As performers ourselves and having years of experience planning live entertainment, we recommend focusing on these 4 things when booking a band.

1. The quality of the equipment

The better the equipment used by the band, the better they’ll sound, and it makes a huge difference! For example, if the band are using professional equipment including a quality full range PA system with a main speaker, the instruments and mics will be better balanced and the sound controlled and mixed by an engineer to deliver a top quality live performance. You’ll need to check ahead what equipment the band provides and what the venue can provide.

2. How good is the drummer?

Good drumming is so important to a solid band and therefore it’s the drummer we always look at first in a band for any type of event. A good drummer keeps the music in sync and holds the rest of the band together; they know when to play with energy and when to take a back seat, or alter their style to suit the song and evoke the desired emotional response. They are without doubt the bedrock of the band. It isn’t always that easy for non-musicians to recognise, but we’ve played with incredible drummers as well as pretty average drummers and it’s easy to spot.

3. How strong is the lead vocalist?

A truly great singer has range, control. power and audience connection: qualities that are actually quite rare to find in the function band circuit. There are many great function bands playing at Christmas parties all over London who have high calibre session musicians, but the singers are often unexceptional. Audience connection can at times make up for average vocal ability, and if the crowd is on side they’ll be forgiving if occasionally the singer doesn’t quite make the note! When selecting our bands, we look for a great vocalist who is also a skilled performer and charismatic entertainer.

4. Is there a regular and stable line up?

Every hard working function band does need to use deps from time to time and swap members of the band who cannot make the gig for good reason. This shouldn’t necessarily affect the quality of the performance, but you should know what you are booking to avoid disappointment. The ideal band is a professional and reliable one with a fixed and stable line up of musicians who have played together consistently and can intuitively adapt to each other when performing. When booking a cheaper amateur band, you are more likely to be let down by poor musicianship and unreliability.

So there you go, the top things we look for when scouting Christmas party bands. Here are some examples of our top party bands, all of which are made up of talented, professional musicians who know how to read their audience and who have a strong track record of playing at a variety of different events.

Funk City Party band
Solid lead and harmony vocals. Audience connection is off the chart! Line up stability extreme. 10+ years together!

The JJs
Great vocals and really effortless charm from front woman Dawn. Line up stability with over 4 years playing together. Great young band with a massive repertoire.

Possibly the best female vocals for any function band in London. Sax/Keyboard versatility on top of guitar, bass & drums. Perfect four part harmonies, a great drummer and a stable line up with hundreds of gigs played together.
If you’re interested in hiring any of these bands or if you need any guidance on choosing another band for your Christmas party, we’re here to help you find the perfect match.

By booking a live party band with a professional and trusted entertainment agency like Yes Entertainment, you won’t just get a great party band, but a reliable service from friendly and knowledgeable staff and peace of mind. We’ll be on hand with 24/7 help and support up until the day of the event and should there be an unforeseen eventuality, we’ve got you covered and will make sure that you are happy with any replacement artist or act.

We have a vast knowledge of live entertainment and events, particularly in London. We can help you deliver a fun and memorable London Christmas party for your team, and can assist with a venue, ideas, entertainment, AV as well as managing the whole event. Simply email us at or call us on 0845 8908525 to tell us about your event.