Christmas dinner party Entertainment for small, medium & large events

May 20th, 2019   Christmas, magicians, News  

Right time to decide upon entertainment for Christmas events

Christmas is coming whether we like to admit it or not. For anyone in the events world now is the time to start planning and booking for festive events. A small company get-together or a grand X’mas gala dinner party, now is the right time to decide upon and make your party entertainment bookings.

Christmas parties are expected to be loaded with fun and entertainment so that all the work stress is gone and everyone can enjoy themselves to the maximum. Event planners have to put a lot of time and effort into organising Christmas dinner parties, so by booking your Christmas party entertainment with us you canat least leave one aspect of the evening to someone else. With over 12 years of experience booking and managing entertainment for Christmas events we can assure you that we have a very full roster of the best tried and tested talent around

Here are just a few ideas to get you started but get in touch with us for more Christmas party entertainment options and inspiration.

Our magicians will fill your party with smiles

We have a well-established roster of the top magicians and a growing list of emerging conjurers too.

Mind readers in particular are gaining in popularity and are perfect to wow your guests at your Christmas events.

You pin number, your mobile phone text messages and contacts, nothing is safe from these magic pros.

Mind readers and magicians are guaranteed to make an impact this Christmas.

Capture your guests attention in some creative artwork

For Christmas dinner party entertainment at smaller events, we would recommend Silhouette cutters.

This very traditional art is incredibly skilled and allows guests to go home with a great reminder of your Christmas event in the form of an exact likeness of themselves cut from black card.

Presentation cards can also be printed with your logo or brand messages too so these artists are perfect for any client Christmas events you might be having.

Silhouette cutters are certainly one of our top picks for smaller Christmas events.

Instantly Sharable Christmas dinner party entertainment pics.

The Ring roamer photo booth is the latest innovation in capturing and sharing party moments. It is a hand held photo mirror that allows the operator to “roam” the party capturing the Christmas fun wherever they find it.

Pictures can be instantly emailed, or shared on social media platforms etc. ensuring that your Christmas party guests will come to your pages to have a look at them.

At Yes Entertainment we have plenty of other Christmas dinner party entertainers and suppliers so if you are not sure what you are looking for get in touch and we will be very happy to discuss your Christmas event with you. But… do it soon to get the best and widest range of options.