Circus acts are great for events. Here’s why.

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circus acts for events

OK I’ll admit it I’m hugely biased when it comes to circus acts and therefore you should take my views on why they make the best event entertainment with a massive pinch of salt (look out honest blog post coming!).

Seriously though I do think the circus is an awesome place for a number of reasons but not least because the true traveling circuses take a patch of scrub land or a fairly ordinary park and turn it into a magical world where seemingly anything is possible. Of course some traditional circuses have had a bad press over the years and in many cases rightly so, but the skills that have developed out of the circus tradition are incredible and need to be nurtured and encouraged at every opportunity.

So here are our top 3 reasons why we think you should book circus performers to entertain at your next event.

Circus acts have the wow factor

Most circus stage acts will last for a few minutes only. But in that space of time (usually 3 to 6 minutes or so) the audience tends to focus wholeheartedly on the performance. Is this because we all subconcisouly know that we will only have a few minutes with this act and then they are gone (even if they are returning later in a different outfit with a different skill!)? Or is it simply that because the performance time is brief the need and ability to deliver the wow factor is increased? It doesn’t really matter either way. Because of the short space of time involved a good circus act will have developed the ability to win a crowd over very quickly so they can deliver their head line trick or skill to leave the crowd wanting more.

Circus acts create something out of nothing

In the same way as the traditional travelling circus takes the boring bit of common land and transforms it into a magical world, individual circus acts can do the same for the potentially dry  corporate function. If you are organising a wedding, you can have a traditional wedding that everyone has seen before, or bring in a team of acrobatic, fire breathing circus performers to turn that patch of common law function into the magical world we are all looking for!

Circus acts will dress in costumes for your theme

Costume plays a huge part in circus performance, perhaps more so than any other genre of live entertainment. As a result circus acts tend to have an enormous collection of costumes. This generally means in our experience that whatever the theme for your event the performers may have a costume that fits (no pun intended!). If not they also tend to be exceptionally good at creating costumes and will happily discuss requirements and work with you to create a bespoke outfit that achieves your aim.

So whatever your event from product launch to private party if you want to create a lasting impact with your guests bring in some circus performers!

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