Corporate Christmas Party Trends in 2016

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Corporate Christmas Party Trends

Corporate Christmas Party Trends in 2016

Corporate Christmas party trends

With Christmas fast approaching, many businesses have not just started but have completely planned their corporate festive celebrations. So what trends are appearing for corporate Christmas party trends in 2016?

Christmas celebrations are always starting to be discussed at work around this time of year. Consistently remembered, good, bad or great parties from last year can have a major impact on a lot of employees. These experiences can help foster relationships, build team spirit and make for a positive start to the New Year. Therefore, it is key to stay ahead of the coolest corporate party topics and the biggest trends. Here are some thoughts to kick off your Christmas celebration as one to remember.

Corporate Events – Set Design:

Set design has become increasingly popular – you don’t simply hire a bland, grey site anymore. The real trend setters are turning their locations of choice into an alpine ski lodge, a set from a moonscape or Love Island. With the Olympics featuring greatly in 2016 with the messages of superiority, camaraderie and esteem (excellent internal references), why not capitalise on this particular colour filled, lively year and have a Rio carnival or samba-themed Christmas celebration? It’ll add feeling; ensure everyone can be actually successful with the impact of an amazing set design and will get even the biggest Scrooge into the party spirit.

Corporate Events – Wellness:

Mindfulness and Wellness are an enormous trend in 2016. Why not flip conventions upside down and opt for an elegant round of high tea instead, creating another fashion of Christmas celebration – make it incredibly calm and and host a business lunch party instead of a more traditional celebration. With your music band selections, the restorative and calming nature can be represented, and palm reading could be added as an extra amusement. It’s definitely thinking outside the box, and may well leave your co-workers feeling replenished and refocused, rather than dazed and confused.

Corporate Events – Networking:

Another tendency this year is in networking – a lot of businesses no longer can get away with expensive jollies. Every component of a business budget is tracked and it must be believed that the business somehow is being enhanced, so get your entire workforce to network. Speed dating Christmas celebrations are an excellent and potentially very funny means to do that. You never know, it may even enhance that relationship between advertising & sales!

Corporate Events – Involvement:

Engagement is an enormous tendency in the event business industry, with businesses needing to get customers actually involved in their own brand. Whether that is a walk around tour followed by a nets session at Lord’s, a darts tournaments, bingo – there’s a lot out there which can be adapted to a Christmas theme. There are a lot of places around London and beyond where these are catered for. Get your co-workers involved (included) and release that competitive nature.

Corporate Events – Catering:

Catering is always a vital consideration as part of the celebration. Turkey dinners are so 2005! Tendencies this year comprise farm to fork – Why not highlight how far away your food has been sourced, demonstrate to your employees you care about British suppliers? Or how about sharing food boards in the style of Jamie Oliver?

Corporate Events – Entertainment:

Your Christmas spirit is always created through entertainment. It’s a fantastic means for folks to join in and let their hair down. Think live bands, DJ’s, solo performers, magicians and interactive technologies are also very much ‘in’. You could even separate off a games area for LED-design Ping Pong or other pastimes.

Corporate Events – Christmas musicians & stage performers:

There’s nothing like live music to get the crowd going at any event and Christmas celebrations are no different.  Dazzle/Amaze your guests and visitors outside with a fire entertainer, or wow them inside with a dance group. Anything is possible.

Corporate Events – Lighting:

Discussing LED lighting, the lighting can transform a space and has a huge impact on an occasion. In 2016, LED lighting has been integrated into even the food, furniture and the décor! These special nuances and fine touches will really make all the difference and wow everyone.

Corporate Events – Thinking Beyond the Venue:

Hotels are great venues for holding your corporate event, but also consider other venues to from nightclubs to warehouses, old dance halls and even aircraft hangars – blank canvasses with extra large spaces for bigger occasions are a big hit in 2016. Other creative places include Grade II listed buildings, restaurants, and rooftops.Hotels however, do offer great services and benefits, many of which include cleaning, drinks licenses beyond normal bar times and accommodation on site!

Use these as a starting point and make them your own as they adhere to the corporate Christmas party trends. What you think is revolutionary this year could become next year’s next big thing!

Corporate Events – Organisation:

Finally, if you have not fully organised your corporate event for 2016, we can help! Or are you realising that next year you do need help? Contact us for more information on what we can do for you. We can either take full control of the whole event or help with the organisation. Finally working to corporate Christmas party trends and for all trending occasions for any time of the year. Our experienced corporate event team can organise a suitable venue, entertainment, food and drinks. Or we can help with just the entertainment and venue – as we work closely with some of the best venues in London.

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