Fashion Show event management at Vimmi Dhillon Styles Spring Fashion High Chai

March 13th, 2018   News  

fashion show event management

It’s been a while since we’ve had the time to add any updates to our blog so we thought we would start the year with a write up of our fashion show event management for Vimmi Dhillon Styles on Saturday 3rd March.

When we were asked by Vimmi Dhillon Styles to run their Spring Fashion High Chai on 3rd March at Lalit London we jumped at the chance.

Vimmi originally approached us via our relationship with her chosen venue, the beautiful Baluchi restaurant at the Lalit Hotel. The event was an interesting challenge. A fashion show is a complicated event to manage and organise. But the initial meeting to discuss requirements was only a couple of weeks before the event itself.

During our initial meetings we were able to understand from Vimmi how she wanted the event to run. Having a face to face meeting at the venue gave us better insight into what she was looking to achieve. Our fashion show event management plan was much easier to put in place once we were armed with this information.

Fashion Show Event Planning

We planned the layout for the venue, including scale drawings for the layout of furniture, catwalk, back stage areas etc. We designed the lighting to ensure that photographers could capture models at the end of the catwalk. But it was also essential to light the rest of the runway for guests and stay within budget.

In addition we organised conference calls with the back stage manager to ensure we were able to sync the event from the front of house. Designer logos, speaker presentations and fashion show catwalk music cues were all lined up ready to go.

The event had a tight schedule with catwalk shows from four designers. In between were talks from three inspirational speakers and two sets of live vocals from Navin Kundra. It was very important to have a secure running order but with the flexibility to adjust on the day. From 12 years of event management experience we know that live events take a on a life of their own. The ability to adapt and adjust in real time is essential to the smooth running of any event. Fashion show event management is particularly challenging due to the multiple changes to clothes, hair and make up that occur. Often models are hired for the day and may never have worn the clothes before. It is also rare to have dress rehearsals at fashion show events.

Setting Up the Catwalk

The majority of the set up for staging and projection was done the night before with a late finish of 3am. We did get to do a few sneaking turns up and down the catwalk though (probably we shouldn’t give up our day/night jobs!).

We were back at the venue at 8am the next day to finish set up and have everything ready for rehearsals at 11 o’clock and guest arrival at midday.

The day ran very well save for a slight 20 minute overrun, but with sufficient time cushion in the schedule we were still able to break out all gear ready for dinner service in the restaurant from 6pm.


Vimmi herself was very happy with the work we did and has asked to help with all her future events which is great! Congratulations to her on what was a brilliant event, organised in a very short timescale.

We very much look forward to developing our fashion show event management skills and opportunities in the future. In particular we look forward to working with Vimmi Dhillon Styles again very soon.