Frequently Asked Questions

Generally bands will play for 2 or 3 x 45 minute sets, or in some cases 2 x 60 minute sets. In our experience this is generally enough for most crowds as a live music performance is (or at least should be) quite intense for everyone concerned, performers and guests alike.

Singers in particular will be reluctant to continue on and on all evening as this will put unnecessary strain on their vocals. Believe us when we say singing is tiring!

In our view it is better to have a fantastic performance of an appropriate length and stop leaving the audience wanting more. At which point you can give them something else. May we recommend a DJ……?

Of course there is an element of danger when performing with fire. But really the danger is for the performer not for the guests.

Fire performances will however need to be carried out in a dedicated space and the size of this will vary depending on what type of fire performance is required. Prior to your event we will liaise with the performers and the venue to ensure that everyone is happy that a fire performance is appropriate and can be conducted safely. We will also supply a risk assessment for insurance purposes.

Fire performers carry their own safety equipment including fire blankets and extinguishers and they are all very experienced so that you can just relax and enjoy the spectacle!

This obviously depends on the act, the circumstances at the venue and the exact requirements of the event. So when you are ready to talk to us about booking entertainment if the set up times aren’t listed on the act page you can speak to us and we’ll suggest an appropriate time slot that will be required.

But here a few easy ball park estimates that will give you a basic idea:

  • DJ with basic rig and lights – up to 1 hour depending on load in and parking (our fastest DJ sets up in 20 mintues!)
  • 4-5 piece band – up to 2 hours but probably closer to one. Time will vary depending on the size of the PA needed for the event and loading.
  • Magician – close hand magicians don’t need to set up they just appear! Stage magicians do need some set up time depending on the type of show and for this we would recommend a consultation.
  • Circus acts – this depends on the act. Basic juggling acts will just need to change into costume but other than that no set up is required. Fire performers will generally want to do a final safety assessment and set up their safety gear before they change so will arrive about 45 minutes to an hour before the start of an event.
  • Dancers – depending on the act dancers may want to rehearse their routine in the space they will be performing in on the night as it may differ from where they have rehearsed. They also need some time to change. Burlesque dancers take longer to get dressed because they have to put on more layers so they can take them off again!
  • Photo booths – our photo booth suppliers are really slick and will turn up and be ready within 30 minutes generally.  But we recommend an hour window to give everyone a relaxed evening.

These are just a few. We’ll put set up times on the act pages where we can but if in doubt just contact us.

Yes we do not book acts who don’t have their own public liability insurance. If you need to see documentation this can be provided post booking and deposit.

Well this one depends on the band.

Most professional function bands will be happy to play your first dance and given that the majority of bands at Yes Entertainment are made up of full time professional musicians this won’t be a problem for them.

However, we would add a note of caution here in that if you have a favourite song by a favourite artist then consider what sort of band you have booked and whether they are the right sort of group to play your song.

We’re not saying don’t have the band play your first dance but we’re saying if you do, we want it to be great and sometimes, depending on the song or artist, it may be better to play that song by that artist and then let the band take over to do what they do best.

Of course we can help to liaise with the band and advise you either way depending on what you prefer.

The simply answer. Yes.

Once you have completed the booking process and paid the booking fee or the entire fee for the event we can put you in touch with the DJ directly to discuss your playlist requirements and anything else you want to talk to them about.

That doesn’t mean our involvement stops. We will always be available in the background if needed.

If you would rather just communicate with us that’s fine too. Just send us all your playlist requirements and we’ll make sure your DJ gets them.

Of course. This is your party so you can have whatever music you like played.

But one thing we will say is that a good DJ or band will adjust what they are playing on the night depending on the reaction of the crowd. Their job is to get everyone up and dancing so if some of your selection isn’t working they may mix things up a bit to get the party moving.

Don’t get offended, just have a great time dancing with everyone else!