Live music for London Bars

Live music for London bars

Give your customers another reason to stay with you longer with live music.

At Yes Entertainment we have been providing live music for London bars & restaurants for over 10 years, including performing ourselves!

Whatever vibe you are looking to create adding live music to your venue can really make a difference. Customers will stay longer onsite and therefore increase takings. Not only that if you get the vibe right they are more likely to come back too!

We have a large and ever growing roster of live musicians and bands from all genres. So whether you are looking for a classic jazz vibe, or you want a bit more rock and roll we have performers to suit.

Live music is not a magic wand of course and one night of music may not mean guests are queuing down the street. But as time passes and you develop a reputation as a venue that has live music then the benefits and improvements to the bottom line become noticeable.

At Yes Entertainment not only do we provide the music but we also help to increase awareness of the venue by marketing the artists that are playing on site. So when you book a live music act for your bar or restaurant with us we will work with you to advertise this as much as possible across the internet and social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and more.

If you are considering adding live music to your venue, or you already host live music but want to look at different options just send us your details below and we will be happy to come and visit you at your venue to discuss options.

Booking live music for London bars & restaurants has never been so easy!

Venues we work with regularly include:

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