Ideas for mostly female London Christmas parties

July 26th, 2016   Christmas, Event Entertainment, Help & Advice  

ideas for mostly female London Christmas parties

In many ways it easier to entertain a female dominated Christmas party. Women have a lot less of an issue dancing with each other than guys do so a DJ will work. But what other things can you do with a female dominated company Christmas party to ensure it is a night to remember?

Here are our top 3 ideas for mostly female London Christmas parties.

Dressing up

Without gender stereotyping too much (it is slightly hard not to in an article with this title. Sorry! ;-0) ladies like dressing up more than men. Actually perhaps that isn’t entirely true but women are at least more comfortable in brightly coloured, more varied attire than guys are. So  entertainment with dressing up opportunities work well.

Photo booths, selfie mirrors, pop-up photo studios, or balloon modelling dress up boutiques are always successful.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again women are easier to get onto the dance floor than men. They are also more open in our experience to trying new dance moves. So a dance instructor can work very well at parties where the majority of guests are female. Try a Bollywood dance instructor, belly dance instructor, or even a burlesque dance instructor for the more open minded group. Whatever genre you choose a female group will be up for a dance lesson and chances are the guys will be too!


The right kind of drinks are essential for a mostly female Christmas party and at Yes we would recommend cocktails. So have a small selection of different cocktails organised at the bar in your venue. Better still, why not organise cocktail making lessons so guests can learn to make their own.


At Yes we have been booking entertainment and managing Christmas parties for more than 10 years.  So if you need any more London Christmas party ideas for groups of any size and gender make up just fill in your details below and we’ll get straight back to you. Alternatively check out our top 3 London Christmas party ideas for mostly male groups.