London Christmas party ideas for mostly male groups.

July 22nd, 2016   Christmas, Circus, Help & Advice, live music, magicians  

London Christmas party ideas for mostly male groups

It is a well know phenomenon in the entertainment world that mostly male groups don’t dance. There are of course exceptions. But when it comes to company parties you don’t normally see the guys on the dance floor without ladies present.

If you are organising a Christmas party for a mostly male group you will need more than a DJ. So what should you do?

Here are our top 3 London Christmas party ideas for mostly male companies.

1. Provide activities

If you want to avoid the obvious activity of excessive drinking (and if you are organising a company party clearly you should!) then providing a hands on activity for male dominated groups works well. Casino tables, laser shooting, table football, pool tables, table tennis will all give the group something to do before and/or after dinner.

2. Make the food the focus

Events where the food becomes part of the evening can work very well with mostly male groups. Tepanyaki, Korean BBQ are two examples which work well as they involve either a “performance” around preparation of the food, or hands on involvement in cooking at the table. These work best with small groups though so for larger groups try buffet style service to allow movement between courses. This is how the armed forces do things and they know how to party!

3. Put on a show

Whilst mostly male groups may not dance that much they will watch a show so a band can work well. Alternatively a good magician performing a stage act is a definite winner. Stand up comedians tend to work well too for male dominated Christmas parties, but don’t forget comedy is very subjective and one man’s funny is another’s offensive! Finally the right kind of circus performers can also work well, particularly those with a good street background who know how to work the crowd.

In our next post we’ll be focusing on London Christmas party ideas for mostly female groups. But for now if you have any questions about entertainers for any kind of Christmas event, or you just need some ideas and advice just fill in the form below and we’ll get straight back to you.