How PAs can benefit from outsourcing to an Events Agency

May 11th, 2018   Event Entertainment, Help & Advice, News  


As a PA, you are key to your boss’s productivity and their right-hand person; their go-to resource. Organising, planning, multi-tasking, thinking on your feet and meeting tight deadlines are second nature to you as part of your day job; all invaluable skills to have when managing an event, so no wonder that you are most likely the one to be asked to organise your company events. No doubt you are already run off your feet and have little time to give the event planning your full focus alongside your day-to-day responsibilities. If you have already managed a few events, you’ll understand how they can be a logistical minefield, and how stressful it can be keeping on top of what’s happening with all the moving parts! It’s easy to underestimate the amount of work involved, and the sacrifices that may need to be made which could impact both on your day job and on the success of the event. Delegating this massive task to a professional events agency will certainly alleviate the stress that comes with planning an event, and allow you to continue to focus on your number one priority: your boss’s needs.


Here are some key advantages of outsourcing your event planning:


Industry knowledge and a specialised skill set

A good events agency will have excellent project managers who have experience thinking out of the box, especially with tight budgets, and are used to multi-tasking and meeting the deadlines that come with event planning. Their experience and industry knowledge make them expert problem solvers who will be well prepared for any setbacks on the day and have contingency plans in place to deal with them.  They will also take the time to fully understand your requirements, provide initiative and work closely with you to create a successful and memorable event.

Outsourcing some or all of your event management needs to an events agency is a sensible solution as it provides access to more expertise, support and services, and ultimately, makes life easier for you.  It will depend of course on the size of the event, what is required and whether you have the time for an additional workload of planning an event on top of your everyday PA job, but if you decide to hire a dedicated event agency, you can be confident that your strengths as a PA will help you to recognise the skillset required and choose the right agency for the job.


Industry contacts

These days you can, of course, find your own suppliers direct online. However, if you haven’t worked with them before you don’t really know how they will work for you. So either a recommendation or an events agency can solve this problem.  Events agencies have established strong relationships over the years with suppliers and venues and therefore have easy and direct access to what you need to manage and deliver a successful event.


Venue sourcing

Finding the perfect venue can be very time consuming and this decision can have the biggest impact on your budget and overall success of the event. Asking an events agency to help makes sense as their existing contacts and experience means they know the right questions to ask to match your event with the right venue, and they will know the ins and outs of the site and how to handle the challenges that arise. As a repeat customer, they can get discounted rates and packages tailored to suit your budget and requirements.



The right choice of entertainment can make or break an event. An agency has already been through a rigid selection process and a trusted agency will have only signed up the highest quality and professional entertainment acts. They will be able to recommend the most suitable act/s for your event.



An event agency will have experience handling budgets of all sizes and are skilled at being creative when it comes to delivering more for your money. They are resourceful at finding cost effective suppliers and you will benefit from their existing relationships which gives them access to a range of other services, products and extras.  


Audio Visual services

A well planned AV setup is an integral part of an event and it’s definitely worth your time to find a reputable AV provider with access to specialist AV, sound and lighting equipment, who you can work together with to bring your creative vision to life. Their experience and technical expertise will ensure no detail is missed and they will know how to navigate the common pitfalls. They will also be able to advise on cost effective options and the best solution for your event, your budget, the space and your overall vision. By outsourcing AV you will also be building a relationship with a team who will understand what your business’s needs which will be invaluable when planning future events.


There are many benefits of outsourcing to an events agency, whether it be for full event management or just to provide individual services. The right agency can provide significant time and cost savings for your company, allowing you to focus on your daily responsibilities whilst having confidence that your event is being managed down to the last detail by experts in the field. Peace of mind and a stress-free event experience with no unpleasant surprises makes outsourcing a win-win solution.


Why choose Yes. At Yes Entertainment, we have a vast knowledge of live entertainment and events. We can provide entertainment, event management and AV services so you don’t have to deal with different suppliers. We can provide an individual service, tailor a package or outsource the whole event management to suit your budget and event.

If you think you would benefit from the help a professional event agency to manage your next event, email us or give us a call 0845 890 8525 for a chat to see how we can work together.