Circus Glow Juggling Show

Light up your night with a circus glow juggling show. Acrobatics, Juggling and dance combined with glowing props that change colour to the music. Just turn down the lights and turn up the fun!


A circus glow juggling show is guaranteed to light up your night!

Eye catching and mesmerising this choregraphed LED glow show will amaze your guests!

These beautiful LED glow juggling shows have a similar style to fire performance, but instead of flames they have different coloured props choreographed to change according to the music.

Perfect for late night summer parties but also totally safe to use indoors during the long winter evenings, making the circus glow juggling show a really versatile act.

The show itself lasts for approximately 15 minutes and can include some street style audience participation if appropriate. The duo can juggle on a stage, dancefloor, or simply clear a space for themselves to perform indoors or out.

In addition to the glow juggling show itself they will also be happy to perform some roving “meet & greet” around your party as guests arrive. Being a multi-skilled act this could include stilts, acrobatics, or even some quick close hand magic tricks.

This act will perform all over the UK as required and have also performed their juggling skills to a worldwide audience.

So whatever type of party and wherever it is, if you want to have some fun with the lights off then the circus glow juggling show is for you!


Can a show match my colour theme? Yes with enough notice and a small added fee shows can be reprogrammed to suit your colour theme.

What sort of set up is there? Everything can be run from our own laptop and table so you don’t need to provide anything!


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