Amara Tulip

Amara Tulip contact juggler, meet & greet character. Perfect to break the ice at any corporate event or private party.


Looking for a contact juggler for a corporate event? Look no further than Amara Tulip!

Amara Tulip is the perfect contact juggler for a corporate event or function. She creates instant rapport with guests around the room as she wows them with her floating and twirling crystal balls.

Funny, bold, exuberant, when it comes to spicing up the event, she’s a specialist. She enthralls audiences across the globe through mind- boggling contact juggling acts where crystal balls appear to magically defy gravity.  Elegantly building her way up from one to four balls, she keeps the audience gasping at the spectacular optical illusions that unravel before their eyes. A mesmerizing act that has to be seen to be believed!

Amara has a wide range of costumes to fit any theme for your event. So whatever environment you want to create for your guests she will fit right in.

Sometimes know as Orb Rolling or Sphereplay the balls are rolled over the hands and body instead of being thrown. Contact juggling is an art form that is perfect for meet and greet as the balls remain in contact with the performer at all times therefore allowing this type of act to occur in a crowded space but still providing a spectacle.

Amara is available for bookings for events across London, the UK and overseas.




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