Contortionists for events

Put a new twist on your event with our event contortionist. Perfect for corporate functions, Christmas parties and product launches.


Hire our amazing contortionists for events of every kind from product launches to private parties. Give your events a new twist!

At Yes Entertainment we are lucky enough to have got ourselves tangled up with one of the UK’s best contortionists. CC is a contortionist who has worked with some of the biggest names in this genre & has also performed at a very large number of high profile corporate events of every kind from client parties to product launches.

Contortionists provide a really high impact visual addition to any event, whether they are performing on a stage or centrally located performance area, or they are located on a podium as guests enter the venue.

From backfolds to chest stands and the most difficult and dangerous of all contortionist poses the Marinelli bend. All these postures and more will form part of the repertoire.

As well as being located in a fixed position in your venue our professional contortionist can also perform as a roving act. Mingling with guests before twisting into a mind boggling pose right next to them!

Once you have experienced a talented contortionist close up you certainly won’t forget it!

Our contortionists are perfect for events of every kind including:

  • Christmas parties
  • Corporate events & functions
  • Larger private parties
  • Halloween events


How long do performances run for?

Generally a stage act will last for 5 – 10 minutes maximum. There could be different performances throughout the evening though with breaks in between.

Can a contortionist perform a roving act?

Yes. The contortions will be less extreme than a stage act but a contortionist is a great meet & greet performer and will help to create amazing photo opportunities for your guests.

Do contortionists have any special requirements?

Not particularly but they do need somewhere comfortable to change and to warm up (a minimum of 30 minutes warm up is required before a performance) and to cool down (a minimum of 20 minutes cool down time is required after a performance).


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