Diabolo juggler Arthur

A diabolo juggler with the highest level of skill we've seen. Totally awesome!


Looking for a diabolo juggler with a really breathtaking level of skill?

Diabolo juggling is a seriously difficult act to perfect. Because of this there aren’t as many high quality diabolo jugglers available as there are other acts.

Arthur is certainly the most impressive diabolo juggler we have seen. It is therefore no surprise that he was voted Young Juggler of the Year in 2014.

His act is available in a number of different forms and costumes, in particular the programmable LED suit! Guaranteed to impress for evening events.

He has performed at a wide variety of different events including weddings, corporate events and functions, festivals and school events.

Different show formats include:

  • 3 minute show
  • 6 minute show
  • roving walkabout act
  • Full programmable LED suit and LED diabolo!
  • Fire performance

In addition to his stage performances and roving act options he also offers workshops and 1 to 1 circus skills training.

This works fantastically well for team building events, smaller parties and festivals.

If you want to learn to be a diabolo juggler then Arthur is certainly the man to teach you!


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