Forrest London – stage magician


Forrest London is a close up and stage magician with a rapidly expanding range of tricks & a cheeky sense of humour. Perfect for corporate functions!


Chinese stage magician & close up magic genius

Originally from China, Forrest has been a London resident since he was 16 years old.

In 2008 he became the very first mainland Chinese member of the world renowned magic club The Magic Circle. The following year he was named as London Close-Up Magician of the Year by the London Society of Magicians.

As a full time professional magician he has performed at a wide range of events and parties, including many corporate functions.

His passion for studying magic and learning new tricks is immense and his performances have taken him to many destinations world-wide most recently to Las Vegas.

Forrest is available for hire as a pure close up magician, or for a full stage magic show, or even a combination of the two. This gives him a versatility and the ability to entertain a large audience as required.

At Yes Entertainment he has worked with us for large corporate functions where it is impossible to get to everybody with close up magic during the course of the evening. By combining a couple of hours of close up tricks with a stage magic finale it is possible to ensure that everyone in the audience has experienced some magic and enjoyed the entertainment.

Forrest has a relaxed and natural charm and a glint in his eye that ensures guests are instantly drawn in to his performance. A big Yes from us.


Does Forrest need any equipment to perform?

If performing purely close up magic then Forrest doesn’t need any other equipment. For a stage performance he does need access to a PA with the ability to playback music and a microphone, preferably a head set mic.

How many guests can Forrest perform for in an hour?

When performing roving magic you can assume up to around 60 guests per hour will be entertained.



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