JB’s Rhythm & Blues Band

JB's Rhythm & Blues Band are one of the most dynamic, engaging, hippest rhythm and blues bands currently playing on the function scene. If you are looking for a band that is a bit more real than the usual function band then JB's Rhythm & Blues Band are for you!


JB’s Rhythm & Blues Band are one of the finest examples of the genre available to the function circuit.

Having returned from dates in the USA where they immersed themselves in the rich musical heritage of the home of blues and rock’n’roll they are in London and ready to play at weddings, corporate functions and private parties across the UK.

If you are looking for a band that is a bit more real than the standard function band then these guys could be for you.

JB’s Rhythm & Blues Band are a five piece band based in Camberwell, south London.

The band was founded by Brothers Sam (lead vocals / guitar) and Tom (backing vocals / saxophone), who envisioned a rhythm & blues band to play at corporate events and weddings for the more discerning audience.

This vision was fully achieved when Joe (bass), Jamie (lead guitar) and Max (drums) joined the group, helping them to deliver the kind of high-energy, high-quality rhythm & blues sound the band has become known for.

With a superb rhythm section in place, the band’s reputation as an exciting live band has grown quickly, leading to a succession of high profile support slots (Ronnie Wood, Booker T, James Hunter, Dr. John, Little Feat, and Candy Staton).

They have performed at a multitude of high profile venues (Hammersmith Apollo, Albert Hall, The Notting Hill Arts Club, Ronnie Scot’s, Madam Jojo’s) and festivals (Glastonbury, The London Blues Fest), where they have developed a fully formed, fully engaging live set.

Never loosing site of their commitment to excellent song writing and rhythm & blues culture, the band spent a large portion of last year in Nashville, working with some of the best writers and musicians in music city. With an emphasis on lyrics, storytelling and honesty the band wrote some of their most exciting, engaging songs to date, which were recorded as demos in early 2016.

JB’s Rhythm & Blues Band are now ready to perform at events of every kind.

How long do you play for?

That’s up to you. We can play all night if needs be.

Are you good?

We’re one of the best.

Will you want food?

Oh, almost certainly.

Are you willing to travel?

To the ends of the earth.

Are you reliable?

Very. We haven’t missed one show in nearly six years of playing functions throughout Europe.

Do you get people dancing?

Every time – getting them to stop is the hard bit.

What sets you apart from other function bands?

We’re bad ass.


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