Joncan Kavlakoglu – acoustic percussion guitarist

A London acoustic percussion guitarist for hire playing his own compositions. Bringing Joncan into your event is like having a whole band in the room. Incredible musician!


Joncan is a London acoustic percussion guitarist like no other.

He has played for Yes Entertainment at venues across town including the Dry Martini Bar in Melia Whitehouse hotel where he literally had audience members jaws dropping.

His style originates in the musical roots of funk, soul and blues guitar but brings in a wide spectrum of styles including jazz & flamenco.

Having Joncan in the room is like having a full band. His ability to make a huge range of noise with his guitar is incredible and will certainly make an impression.

Percussion guitar is a very visceral playing style and as such transmits an energy to the audience that really connects with everyone. It doesn’t really matter what particular style of music you are into, when you feel the energy of this style of playing you can’t help but be drawn in.

Joncan has worked in a variety of settings including residencies in bars and restaurants but has also worked at corporate functions, weddings and other private parties.

As an alumni of the Brighton Institute of Modern Music and former tutor at the Sussex Academy of Music, Joncan is a skilled and experienced music tutor working with ages 5 – 70, and has previously lectured on the shape of the UK music industry to college level student musicians around the UK.

Joncan is certainly one of the finest guitarists we have witnessed at Yes Entertainment. Without a doubt he is a triple Yes act!



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