Daniel Stan – London based close up magician


Daniel Stan is a London based close up Magician. The magic Daniel performs is contemporary, engaging and entertaining. Daniel can perform mix and mingle or seated at a table in a specific area.


Daniel Stan is a London based close up magician offering an evening of magic with a difference!

Whilst based in London Daniel is available for shows throughout the UK. Daniel has performed his particular brand of close up magician across many types of events including weddings, corporate functions and Christmas parties. He is constantly developing new tricks and ways to engage his audience which has kept his act fresh over the last 10 years of performance.

His show is available in three main formats as outlined below offering clients a really great alternative to the normal close up magic show:

The close up magician

This is the most popular magician service Daniel offers. It involves Daniel mixing with your guests, presenting his brand of magic using cards, coins, mind-reading and other objects, up close, right in front of their eyes. This service is particularly suitable for cocktail receptions or for banquets whereby Daniel will entertain at the tables between courses.

The magic experience

This service sees Daniel set up in a private area or private room with a table and some chairs (provided by the venue). Small groups at a time ( 2-5 guests) are invited to sit with Daniel whereby they will experience Daniel performing some of his more intimate routines. Guests are requested to keep what they have seen absolutely secret once they leave the room but are encouraged to describe to other guests how it made them feel. This is a really great and slightly unusual option for events and can really create a buzz around the room and an air of mystery, intrigue and suspense.

The table magician

For this service Daniel is set up at a table (venue will need to provide a table, table cloth and 3-6 chairs) where he remains to perform close up magic for the duration of his performance. This gives guests control over when they want to see some magic and allows them to circulate to Daniel in their own time. This version of his performance can work very well depending on the format and type of event.

The card cheat buster

For the cheat Daniel uses his experience and expertise in studying the world of card sharks, hustlers, grifters and con-men. In this act he presents demonstrations of crooked gambling and how supposed games of chance can be beaten using illicit and closely guarded methods and techniques. Such feats include dealing at will from a shuffled deck, winning hands of Poker or Blackjack and demonstrations of how crooked dice can be used subtly to cheat a Casino or private game. This performance is great for team building and stag and hen do type events, especially when there is a trip to the casino planned afterwards!



Daniel provides all necessary equipment (with the exception of those outlined for ‘The Table’, ‘The Experience’ or ‘The Cheat’).


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More Info

Based In: London
Area Covered: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, London Area, Surrey, UK Wide
Fee From: £500+
Performance: 30mins to 2/3 hours depending on type of event.