London Cheerleading Team

The London Cheerleading Team are the go to girls for any sporting events, TV programs, or private events who need cheerleaders. Award winning and totally awesome!


Our London Cheerleading Team is made up of the most talented cheerleaders in the UK. Having won the national cheerleader grand finals in 2014 they also have the awards to back it up.

These are the go to girls for any events and TV promotions that need cheerleaders and they have performed regularly on national television with the BBC & ITV but also on BT Sport, MTV, Sky Sports and other channels both for sporting events and for variety shows.

The team were also chosen to perform cheerleading for the London Olympics in 2012 and participate regularly as part of Sport Relief.

They can perform in a number of different formats and with different numbers of cheerleaders in the team. Anything from 2 to 200!

Performing regularly at private events and corporate functions they are used to performing their routines to specific music to fit the event. They are also available to hire in different cheerleading costumes including vintage look, NFL, or branded uniforms to support your company or brand.

In addition to performances the London Cheerleading Team also run workshops and classes, hen nights and more.

At Yes Entertainment we work with a number of different dancers and dance choreographers so we know what to look for and the London Cheerleading Team certainly get a big YES from us for their professional approach and skilled performances.


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