Miffy – London Female DJ

If you are looking for a London based female DJ then look no further than Miffy. With a natural flair for a party and a gift for befriending crowds she will become part of your party & probably end up dancing with your guests too!


A London female DJ with a real flair for the party, Miffy has a natural ability to get everyone up and dancing.

Miffy had not considered DJing as a career until one of our established full-time professional DJs (and old friend) John approached her to suggest that she should try it out. Since then she has not looked back having sailed through an intensive six month appreticeship to become a DJ that we at Yes Entertainment are very proud of.

One of Miffy’s main skills is the ability to talk the crowd up over a mic where she is a real natural. Her charisma and charm and desire to join in the party ensure that she really adds to the evening and gains the love of the crowd very quickly.

Her technical ability is now of a very high standard too as she has been trained one on one by one of our very best Yes DJs.

If you are looking to book a London female DJ for any kind of event then look no further than Miffy!

What Miffy says…

“I’ve always been into music, having studied it and ‘dabbled’ as a teenager – but I never saw it as something I could earn a living from, so when I was approached to be trained up as YES entertainment’s premier female DJ – I leaped at the opportunity!

Before I  was put on my own gigs, I was able to witness YES DJs first hand and experience their high calibre performances and I knew instantly it was going to be no easy feat to get to their level.

At first, I found gauging crowds was the most challenging aspect of DJing; looking at a group of people differing in age, culture and taste and trying to keep the party pumping with something that will resonate with everyone BUT I have found it really is very possible, and it comes with experience.

Being a female in the industry gives me a bit of an edge and I love that. I embrace being different and love adding a little bit of personality to my performances. I like to see everyone’s beautiful smiling faces! It’s by far the best part of being a DJ

I adore what I do and I think I have the best job in the world; I get to create the soundtrack to people’s memories. I can’t thank the boys at YES enough for showing me the ropes and helping me turn my dreams into a reality!”


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