Matt – Close hand magician

Mathew has been working as a professional close hand magician for corporate functions, weddings & parties of every kind for more than 10 years.


Close hand magician for corporate events

Looking for that extra touch to lift your London corporate event? Need something to break the ice at a party? Want to attract more people to your trade stand?

Matthew provides top-quality, award-winning magic for every event, tailoring each performance to your needs to ensure that your event is remembered long after it finishes.

As a professional magician Mathew has performed at a whole range of events including weddings, private parties, birthday parties and in particular corporate events where is somewhat of a specialist.

He will arrive at your venue just before the event starts and allow guests to arrive and settle into groups with their drinks before he starts to go round and amaze them. Close hand magicians break the ice every time at a party with their professional charm and incredible skill and Mathew is one of the best.

As a trained actor he can really build up the tension around his tricks and ensure that your guests are really drawn in. He can entertain approximately 60 guests per hour performing roving close hand magic around the room.

With a close hand magician in the room an atmosphere of fun and amazement is created instantly that will have people talking and laughing in no time!

Mathew is perfect for:

  • Corporate events
  • Product Launches
  • Weddings
  • Private parties

Magic tricks. Lots and lots of magic tricks!


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