Oriana’s Vintage Function Band


Oriana's Vintage Function Band are a London-based vintage jazz band who deliver a mix of classic American jazz, French, and Latin music.


Oriana’s Vintage Function Band are a London-based vintage jazz band who deliver a mix of classic American jazz, French, and Latin music. With their vintage classy look, they will transport you from a 20′s American speakeasy or a Parisian Cafe one minute, to the streets of Napoli the next. Sultry female vocals which recall the sounds of Julie London, Edith Piaf and Eva Cassidy interspersed with Oriana’s enchanting violin playing and the band’s versatile style.

With the expert guitar playing of Yes Entertainment regular Simon Morris and the haunting vocals and violin of Oriana herself this band offers something really quite unique. A vintage function band the works well is a rare thing and this group have really got it down.

Their look is very well crafted and their sound better still. This band are ideal for any setting but particularly high end bars and restaurants. The band are now regular performers at the Albert Hall’s new restaurant for example.

If you are looking for a vintage function band with the versatility offered by guitar & violin as lead instruments combined with vocals in English and French then look no further than Oriana’s Vintage Function Band.

Could they be the best vintage function band in town? At Yes Entertainment we are starting to think so…




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