Professional pole dancers for events

Professional pole dancers for events. All the impact & style of aerial acts without the rigging costs!


Hire one of our professional pole dancers as an alternative to aerial acts for your event

Pole dancing has come a long way from the slightly seedy clubs of parts of Soho and elsewhere, and is becoming a much more mainstream act. So if you are looking for pole dancers to hire for a corporate event or function then we can help.

Imagine your guests arriving into your venue to look up and see girls and/or guys twirling and flipping around free standing poles up to three and a half metres in the air. There can also be two dancers on the pole at the same time performing tricks and poses hanging off each other and catching each other.

The skill and strength involved in this art form is immense and certainly creates a spectacle.

Traditional aerial acts like aerial silks or hoops are also fantastic but of course the drawback with these is that you have to be able to suspend the equipment somehow, not easy in most venues, or you have to hire in rigging and a rigger which makes the cost of aerial acts outside the reach of many event budgets.

So a free standing pole dance option is a fantastic alternative!

The pole can be rigged and de-rigged in about 10 – 15 minutes allowing it (or them) to be cleared from a stage or dancefloor to allow for the rest of the evening to follow.

At Yes Entertainment we have a strong link with one of the top pole dancing studios in London. So we can organise professional pole dancers for any event and provide appropriate lighting to tie in with your theme.

We hire professional pole dancers for events including:

  • Corporate Christmas parties
  • Corporate events
  • Larger private parties


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