Mr Punch On Tour


A traditional British Punch & Judy puppet show. Perfect entertainment for schools, parties, weddings, festivals, fairs, corporate events and coronations.


I am a British actor and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Drama & Theatre Studies from Royal Holloway, University of London.

I wrote my University dissertation on Punch & Judy. For first-hand research I worked over the summer of 2007 with Konrad Fredericks; professional street Punch showman. My job as Outside Man was to collect money from the audience and provide security as he performed his show on the streets of central London. We also performed at a wide variety of private events.

Konrad made the figures that I use in my show today. Each one has been painstakingly hand-carved, hand-painted, hand-dressed, tested and adjusted. He built the booth that I perform in, taught me the ropes and gave me invaluable advice on the show; the workings of which are a closely guarded secret .The whole process has taken several years of hard work and dedication.

This is not a hobby show.

I began my journey as a Punch & Judy showman in 2013, with my first performance in Houston, Texas. I plan to continue the tradition for future generations to enjoy.



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