Pyromantic – Fire performances & more!


With over 10 years of experience, Pyromantic specialise in providing high quality circus entertainment including, fire and angle grinding acts, stiltwalking, aerial and cabaret.


With over 10 years of experience, Pyromantic specialise in providing high quality circus entertainment including, fire performances, angle grinding acts, stilt-walking, aerial and cabaret!

Encompassing a wide array of skills they provide solo acts and group performances, tailored to perfection for your event. So whether you are simply looking for a meet and greet performer to welcome your guests as they enter your venue, or you want a full stage show involving several performers with different skills this team can help.

We have worked with Pyromantic several times and have found their creator and lead act designer Marina to be really professional and expert at creating the right kind of performance to suit different types of event.

The group perform across the UK and also internationally including Australia.

Pyromantic are perfect for corporate functions where a real impact is required to give guests a truly lasting impression of a brand, product or company.

They also work very well in a festival setting where the wow factor can be given more space outside.

As with all fire based acts attention to safety for performers and guests is essential and a full risk assessment can be draw up prior to the event as part of the planning phase.

Pyromantic’s fire performances & other circus skills are perfect for:

  • Corporate functions
  • Themed events
  • Festivals
  • Large birthday celebrations
  • Christmas parties

Cabaret & Burlesque

Babes With Blades


Candy Girls

Fire Acts

Stilt Walkers

Is fire performance dangerous?

Well yes there is an element of danger fire is fire. But really the main danger is to the performer not the guests. All fire performers are extremely careful and ensure that they are meticulous with their safety.

How long will the performance last?

That really depends on what is required but generally a solo performer using fire props will perform for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Multi-performer shows will last longer and performers can perform a number of sets using different props too.

What safety equipment will they bring?

They will always bring their own safety equipment including fire blankets and extinguishers. Performers who use fire do so very responsibly.


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