Stilt Walkers in Costume


Give your guests a big welcome with our professional stilt walkers. Ideal for private parties, festivals, product launches and Christmas parties!


We have a number of different suppliers we work with who provide stilt walkers in a wide array of costumes.

Stilt walkers are perfect for product launches and promotional days, or Christmas parties and fundraisers. Fees vary depending on exact length of performance required and costumes so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Performance times also vary depending on the stamina of the performer but many stilt artists will work on 45 minutes walking and 15 minutes break. For this they will either need an area where they can remove their stilts, or a wall to sit on, or a really high stool!

But don’t worry we will liaise with the stilt walkers for your event and make sure that everyone has what they need to ensure that the performance runs without a hitch.


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