Surprise dance routines for events

Unique, bespoke surprise dance routines for events. We play guests, staff or characters in a venue, before causing a pre-planned scene and then breaking out into one of our incredible dance routines!


Watch your guests jaws drop as a drunk waitress spills drinks then launches into an awesome dance routine with her colleagues!

Yes you’ve got it. Just like the singing waiters but using the medium of dance our surprise dancers will make your night by blending into the crowd either as guests, staff or other entertainers before taking the party by storm with their awesome choreography.

Performing surprise dance routines for events of every kind the team work closely with us and our clients prior to the event to decide how best to “fit in”. Characters they have played at past events include everything from waiters & waitresses, bouncers & hosts to statues, zombies and James Bond villains.

Their act has taken them to a number of high profile corporate events with clients including Red Bull, Piccadilly Institute, Kew Gardens & Guinness World Records. They have been involved in marketing campaigns both live and recorded and have also performed at UK festivals.

In addition to corporate work they perform at private parties and functions from birthdays to bar mitzvahs and weddings.

Their main style is street/commercial dance but music and dance genres can be customised on request.

A surprise dance routine is a guaranteed talking point for your event so send us an enquiry with details of your party and we’ll contact you to discuss options.

Choreography to popular street, commercial and pop songs, such as Uptown Funk, Single Ladies, Nicky Minaj.
Themed repertoire includes a Brazillian routine, flower-themed old school throwback, and boys vs girls mix, burlesque/all girls numbers.
Customised choreography and music available upon request.
We have an in-house close-up magician that is an available ‘character’ on request!
Popular scenarios include:
– Drunk waitresses, a very public drinks spillage, into Single Ladies!
– Security apprehending mischief-makers, into Uptown Funk!
– Host challenging ‘guests’ to a singing competition, turning into a dance competition, they’re all amazing…
– Singer with a microphone failure, tech guys come to help, they all begin to dance!

Where are you based?
We are based in London, however, have been booked internationally and are happy to travel. We partner with a mini-bus company who give us great rates.
How many dancers are in your performances?
That’s up to you! Our routines are designed to be for teams of 3-12, and popular numbers are between 6-8. However, due to our network of dancers, we have provided 60+ performers for previous events.
Do you consult at the venue beforehand?
Wherever possible we always want to include a consultation at the venue before finalising plans for the performance, this is included in the booking.
Does your act need a stage?
If the event will be very crowded, e.g. club nights, we do need some sort of area or raised platform to perform our dance routine. Our acting is always in and amongst the guests. For most private parties and corporate events however we can take over the dance floor for our performance!
Do you provide a speaker system for outdoor events?
Depending on how big the event, we do have a portable system we can provide at additional cost.
Can you fit in with themes?
Absolutely. We love customising our scenes, characters and dances to fit in with event themes, and can work in some imaginative costumes to create an even bigger impact.


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