The Glow Jugglers

Turn the lights down or wait until dark and let the multi skilled Glow Jugglers amaze your guests. Available for any event nationwide and beyond.


The Glow Jugglers are the perfect multi-skilled circus act for London events.

If you are a looking for a truly amazing impact to your event then the Glow Jugglers are for you. Just turn down the lights, or wait until dark and let them amaze your guests with their multiple circus skills including; glow club juggling, glow hula hoops, digi-poi, stilt walking, crystal juggling & contact juggling.

Available as a full choreographed show or a free style meet and greet or stage jam show this team will really add some energy to your night. The perfect answer to an occasion where fire performance is impossible this act is perfect for night time summer parties, corporate events, festivals, weddings and a whole host of other events.

The benefit of booking a multi-skilled circus act is that with just a simple costume change part way through the evening it can seem as though a much larger team is on site for the event. The team can perform in a wide range of different costumes from traditional Venetian Jesters to white top hatted style setters!

The Glow Jugglers have worked with Yes Entertainment a few times in the last 12 months and we have been very impressed with their flexibility and professionalism. This is an act that ensure that their audience goes home amazed!

They are available to book as individual performers or in teams of up to six depending on the size of your event and your requirements.


What are digi poi?

Digi poi are glass sticks with programmable digital lighting inside. These can be programed to produce letters or pictures when spun through the air.

Poi are a traditional Maori entertainment more information on poi can be found here.

How long is the stage show?

The exact length of the choreographed stage show varies depending on requirements but is generally between 10 and 20 minutes.

How much space do the Glow Jugglers need?

This depends on what skills are being utilised and how many performers are involved in the event but a minimum ideal space is 4m wide by 4m deep by 4m high.



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