Stage Magic Can Transform Your Events

June 22nd, 2017   Event Entertainment, Help & Advice, magicians, News  

Stage Magic

What is stage magic?

Stage magic is obviously magic that is performed on stage…. Or is it? Well most of the time this is true, however sometimes all that is needed is a space in the room your event is in that everyone can see. There are many different varieties of stage magic, but the main thing they all have in common is they are perfect for when you want to entertain all your guests at your event at once. Stage magic can work with an audience as small as twenty to as big as thousands. The main types of stage magic are..

Grand Illusions

This is what jumps into most peoples minds when you mention magic. If you want people being sawn in half, large objects levitating or cars disappearing/appearing then you’ve come to the right place. Grand Illusion is Vegas style magic made famous by David Copperfield and Penn and Teller. If you want spectacular then this is the kind of magic you want.


Commonly known as mind reading, but it is so much more than that. As well as having your thoughts plucked from your grey matter, mentalism also includes making future predictions, telekinesis, hypnosis and mind control. Made famous by Derren Brown, it is the perfect stage magic if you want a lot of audience participation. It also has the benefit of not needing large amounts of technical requirements like sound and lighting.

Manipulation Act

A magician stands on stage empty handed and then object after object appear at his finger tips, from nowhere. This is some of the most stunning and gorgeous magic. All magicians practice for hours on end, but manipulation acts take this to a whole new level. Within a few minutes you will see a life time of dedication that will make your jaw drop. If you want something beautiful and utterly mind boggling a manipulation act could be perfect for you.


Escapology was made famous by Houdini the most famous magician and showman there has ever been. This is edge of your seat, nail bitting stuff. Watch on as first the magician is restrained by one of your guests in chains, handcuffs or a straight jacket then they put themselves in a precarious or life threatening situation and have to escape before disaster strikes.

When To Use A Stage Magician

After Dinner Entertainment

If you looking for some entertainment after (or even before) dinner having some stage magic can really grab your guests attention. If given enough time, tailored tricks can be devised especially for your event. For instance in the past our magicians have made guests of honour and CEO’s appear and disappear.

Product Launches

If you are looking to launch a product and you want it done in a way that won’t be forgotten our team of stage magicians can deliver every time. In the past the magicians on Yes entertainments books have made cars appear for the launch of a new Audi and turned grains of sand into golf balls for the launch of a new golf course in Dubai. To come up with new effects it takes time and practice, so please give us as much time as possible if you would like us to help organise your bespoke event.

I am here to help

As well as there being many different types of stage magic, there are also funny, serious and mysterious performers. I am here to recommend and book the right performer for your event. All our magicians have been professional for many years and are at the top of their game. Our acts are based all over the UK and they can travel anywhere in the world. If you have an enquiry or you want any more information please do not hesitate to contact me, Daniel, magician and entertainment consultant