Top 10 tips for planning your corporate Christmas event

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Planning your corporate Christmas event – Top Tips


planning your corporate event

We understand that it feels a little early, but when it comes to a memorable corporate Christmas event, the early bird catches the tinsel, with such a lot of people reserving occasions on the same dates. Here, we’ll share some top Christmas party hints to ensure your next corporate celebration goes off with a bang. Don’t worry though, we cna help with planning your corporate event this Christmas.


Start by offering some draft dates to your colleagues, to see if the weekend or a weeknight is most popular and don’t forget, the majority vote wins! Another step will be to develop a guest list – will your Christmas party be staff only – or will partners, customers or associates be encouraged, also? Is this a huge budget occasion to showcase around or is the office shebang best kept at close quarters?


Establishing a Christmas party team will be a big help to proceedings. You’ll bounce ideas off each other and can share the duty of the task ahead. Bring together people from different sections of the company, so everybody feels as though they’re represented. Don’t be scared to delegate, much the same as Santa would with his little helpers.


Be sure to fix a budget for the occasion, because this should steer the direction of the entire function. Request to your manager to place a max spend per head, as this will ensure you’re both abreast with just what prices a Christmas celebration should cost. Food, beverage, entertainment, transportation – there is a lot to get done…


It is recommended to be aware of not only what has worked before, but also what didn’t work at the celebrations of Christmas past in your company. Find out from somebody that was there, if you were not. The touches that are good will stick out, but likewise attendees will recall what undoubtedly did not work last time. Learn from previous party errors, like a shrewd, joyful events expert.


You will need to begin trying to find the right place soon, while the better venues continue to be accessible. The kind of occasion you mean to put on will truly aid you in deciding upon your site choices – For instance, could it be a nighttime or daytime occasion and do you want to be wining and dining or drinking and dancing?


After the venue is reserved, you can put your mind to food arrangements. And because food is frequently the most discussed element of any big event, you will need to get this component completely spot on. Determine on in house or outside catering, and request that the guests preorder things, taking all dietary conditions into consideration.
Do not overlook the alcohol! It wouldn’t be worth coming back to work for all the grief you’d get. Handing out beverages on arrival is a nice twist, and what about a mulled wine as an alternative to fizz, for a more warming, seasonal taste to savour?


The music can make or break a Christmas do, so pick sensibly and choose whether you will want the entertainment going with less of the cheesy Christmas melodies, or else stick to playing Wham’s Last Christmas and the like. You may even need entertainment from performing or comics, artists, or DIY enjoyment in the sort of karaoke or arcade games maybe. Remember, it is the finer details that make the event more memorable, like wonderful Christmas decorations, party bags at the conclusion of the big occasion or a photo booth for the sake of some embarrassing pictures the next day. Also, any kind of speech or award will go down a treat (but keep them short and sweet).


Often, a theme is the perfect remedy to taking the stuffiness out of a corporate event. Some ideas are a masquerade ball, a Hollywood theme, a retro disco, make it a black tie occasion, or the obligatory Christmas jumper appearance – that’s a classic. Be sure that the guests are totally aware of any dress code way in advance – and dress your venue in view of that.


Alas, all good corporate Christmas parties must come to an end. So be sure to understand whether the clear-up operation falls on your own small shoulders, or if the establishment will be helping to clear away later. And undoubtedly be sure that transportation information is easily available for the party people. Is the company offering taxis, a minibus or other methods of getting people home safely. You do not want the occasion to fall flat at the very last hurdle.


Remember to have fun and enjoy the festivities – you’ve now earned it! If you have achieved all of the preceding points, have fun and run around until you are as rosy in the cheeks as Santa himself. Make sure you have a good safe time. Always remember the venue staff have helped make your event special. Please remember to thank them and provide a good review when sober!

Help with planning your corporate event

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