Understanding the Importance of Hiring Dancers for Corporate Events

September 20th, 2016   Event Entertainment   ,

Corporate Event Dancers

When you go about organising a corporate event, you need to offer your guests something which is different, exciting and that they will remember long after the last drop of champagne has been consumed!

Hiring dancers is one of the best ways to provide a big spectacle entertainment for a corporate event. There is nothing like flashy and energetic dance numbers to add excitement to your event.

So here are some of the things we think are worth being aware of when you are booking dance acts for your event:

  • What style of dance is going to work for your guests? Street dance, break dance, ballet, jazz, tap, bebop anything is possible but what will your guests enjoy? What is going to tie in with the theme or feel for the event best?
  • How many dancers do you need? This of course rather depends on the style of dance and the impact you’re after but if you want high impact for a large event then a choreographed dance troupe with several people is going to work best.
  • Is your venue suitable? Factors you need to consider in particular here are the space available for performance. The line of sight of the performance area for your guests (no point spending money on expensive dancers if nobody can see them). How high is the ceiling? If you want crazy somersaulting street dancers then you will need some height! What is the floor covering? Is it suitable for the type of dancers you are hiring?
  • How long do you want the dancers to perform for? If you want a high impact stage performance you are looking at a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes, with perhaps a couple of different sets possible with a costume change. If you want ambient podium dancers for a drinks reception then you can have a much longer period of dancing. But don’t forget dancing is hard physical work and if dancers are performing for too long they risk injury so won’t agree to it.

So there are lots of things to think about when you book dancers. But never fear at Yes Entertainment we have worked with lots of dance acts for a wide variety of events large and small and can help you get it right.
So just contact us using the form below and we’ll come back to you to discuss everything and make some suggestions based on experience.

Keep saying Yes to live entertainment and have a great day.