Some Useful Tips for Hiring The Perfect Live Music Band

September 12th, 2016   live music   ,

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If you are planning an event or a party, there is nothing like a live music band to liven things up.  Adding an element of live music to any party also adds an atmosphere and gets guest up on the dance floor.

Regardless of the event or party you are organising, hiring a live band is not something to be taken lightly. A live band, if chosen carefully, can totally make your party! So it is definitely worth getting it right and understanding what to look for.

So if you are planning to hire a live band for your event, party or any function, then here are our top bits of advice for getting it right:

  • The firstthing to consider when hiring a live band is the type of event or party you are planning. If you are planning a theme based party, then make sure that the band fits your theme where possible. That death metal band you love at the Gatsby party you’re organising just isn’t going to work. Sorry!
  • Discuss the music you want with the band you are considering. Some bands just starting out will have a fairly rigid set list and be uncomfortable moving too far away from it. More experienced live bands will have a repertoire as long as your arm and their arms put together and will almost certainly be able to adapt to your requirements and importantly the requirements of your guests on the night.
  • Where possible see your band play live, or failing that look at videos of genuine live performances. Studio films are great but they don’t show you what a band is really like on the night in a genuine performance situation.

For further tips on live music performances, you can always contact us at Yes Entertainment. This is what we do day and night and we have played in bands for over 20 years and booked them for morethan 10. No question too silly. No purchase required.

Keep saying Yes to live entertainment and have a great day!