Why use a corporate events agency for your business

December 8th, 2016   Corporate Events   ,

Why should I use a corporate events agency?

corporate events agency

Corporate events are a great way to market your brand. They can be aimed at staff or clients and the purpose can range from product launches to corporate entertainment. The key reason as to why corporate events succeed is the face-to-face interaction with the target audience, which impacts more than any email, social media posts or phone conversation. Entertainment is a key element of corporate events, which reinforces your brand identity and ensures your guests leave with a lasting positive view of your company.

Why have corporate events?

Statistics show 79% of companies believe events are extremely important to their business, but nearly 50% cannot get people to respond to their invites and just over 26% don’t know which online method to use to market the event. Research shows 87% of consumers who attended a corporate event then went on to purchase a product from that brand. This highlights the importance of corporate events and the role they plays in marketing your brand.

How can corporate events help market your brand?

Corporate events increase awareness and understanding of your brand…

Events can help promote your brand, by creating an opportunity for your company to communicate with your target audience, thus building brand awareness. Corporate events give an identity to your brand and give clients or potential clients a greater understanding of what you do. Events allow guests to fully experience the brand. Together, this promotes a positive image of the company, marketing the brand successfully and increasing sales opportunities. The use of other social media is great for spreading the word about the event, encouraging guests to attend and increasing the buzz around your products or services. Ultimately corporate events are a successful way to put your company on the map.

Corporate events help you to build relationships

Whether the relationship is with the clients or staff, events are a fantastic way to bring people together and build trust between each other. This loyalty will in turn encourage people to purchase your services or products. Events can offer a mutual ground whereby long-term relationships can be built and maintained. Business relationships can be encouraged via face-to-face interaction with exiting and potential customers. They can help build a client base and a long-standing trust in your company. The way to create a connection with your audience is to provide powerful stimuli to strongly engage with the guests. Aiming to market your brand in the best way possible and leave a lasting positive image of the company on prospective clients.

Corporate events upsell your brand.

Corporate events are a key opportunity for you to introduce new products or services to clients and prospective clients. Business events also offer the opportunity for you as a company to generate a stronger client base. Through encouraging loyal customers to invite those they believe may be interested in what your business has to offer. Essentially, corporate events encourage refined networking entirely for your business. Events can offer a platform for you to showcase how your company is unique and why they should purchase your products or services.

How do I create a corporate event?

As explained above, corporate events improve brand awareness, build relationships with prospectus clients and upsell your brand. Together these market the brand and increase revenue, leading to the success of your business. Now in order to create this amazing event, you will need help. Yes Entertainment is a leading events management company who have proven success in this area. Contact us for a chat to discover more about how we can help you create the best event for your company. We will talk to you about your aims and requirements of the event in order to fully understand your brand personality. This will help us devise innovative and unique ideas for your event. We can handle everything; from promotion marketing beforehand ensuring everyone knows about your event, to on the night organisation ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Finally, if you have not fully organised your corporate event for 2017, we can help! Or are you realising that next year you do need help? Contact us for more information on what we can do for you. We can either take full control of the whole event or help with the organisation. Finally working to corporate Christmas party trends and for all trending occasions for any time of the year. Our experienced corporate event team can organise a suitable venue, entertainment, food and drinks. We can help with just the entertainment and venue – as we work closely with some of the best venues in London.

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